Coalition Building

CETex is engaged in coalition building with other nonpartisan organizations to protect democracy. In partnership with organizations across Texas, we are part of a diverse and progressive movement for a strong democracy that is truly responsive to the needs of all people. Although we are primarily a state organization, we are also engaged in local and national partnership and action.



Clean Elections Texas (CETex) exists to help protect democracy, focusing broadly on voting and elections, which includes campaign finance and voting rights. These issues are essential to a healthy democracy where the influence of big money is diminished and the voice of voters is central to decision-making.

National Coalition Member

Declaration for American Democracy

CETex is a proud member of the national coalition Declaration for American Democracy (DFAD). As a member of DFAD, we support the Freedom to Vote Act, reintroduced in the US House and Senate in July 2023. The Freedom to Vote Act includes voting and election protections, ensures fair representation in government, reduces the influence of big money in politics, and combats partisan election subversion. DFAD coalition members were also highly involved in supporting the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (JLVRAA) of 2021 and will continue to support this legislation in the 118th Congress. The JLVRAA would modernize the Voting Rights Act’s formula for determining which states and localities, because of a history of discrimination, should be subject to greater government scrutiny and to  ensure voting  laws do not adversely affect the freedom to vote.

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