The Pressures of Fundraising on the Democratic Process

Candidates must raise huge sums to run for office and once elected, representatives are often more concerned about financing their next campaign than the best interests of voters. The flow of dark money into elections conceals the identity of big donors to the public, reducing transparency and further disempowering average voters. The result is public policies that increase inequality and injustice, and often fail to meet the needs and desires of most Americans.Campaign finance solutions are available and have been implemented in varying forms at all levels of American government. From full or partial public financing of campaigns to contribution limits to contribution disclosure laws, there are myriad avenues to reducing the negative impact of big money in politics.


Why Campaign Finance Reform?

The corrosive role of money in politics threatens our democracy. Increasingly, ordinary citizens have lost their influence over lawmaking and public policy because of the undue influence of wealthy individuals and special interests.

State Level Work

Driving Drafting & Filing of Legislation

Clean Elections Texas, in partnership with other progressive organizations working in Texas, has driven the drafting and filing of campaign finance reform legislation at the state level in repeated legislative sessions since as early as 2012. These efforts have covered public financing, “pay to play” reforms (where large campaign donors are rewarded with government appointments), contribution limits on the amount of campaign contributions to candidates, and support for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court decision which permitted unlimited independent expenditures by corporations in elections. We are proud to represent a consistent, progressive voice in the Texas Legislature.

How You Can Help