Fair Maps

Fair Maps – Voters should pick their representatives in government, and politicians should have to engage in competitive elections to represent the people.

No One Is Above the Law

No One is Above the Law – We believe that to have a government of, by, and for the people we must hold all responsible to account.

Fair & Secure Elections

At Clean Elections Texas, we understand that voting and elections are the bedrock of our democracy and essential to protect and strengthen.

Statewide Partnership

CETex is a member of the Texas Election Reform Coalition (TERC). TERC is an informal coalition of nonpartisan organizations involved in issues of voter access and election administration, fair maps, ethics and transparency, and money in politics.

Local Efforts

Collaboration in Dallas

CETex has also worked locally in Dallas to support robust elections and engage voters in local elections and current events impacting the community. CETex created and continues to coordinate the Voting in Dallas local coalition for this purpose.

Additionally, CETex is involved in local efforts to collaborate with Dallas County to ensure that elections and election workers are protected from unlawful interference.

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