Statewide Redistricting Reform

Clean Elections Texas is active in state-wide redistricting reform, advocating for an independent citizen redistricting commission and for greater transparency and public participation in the existing redistricting process. CETex is a leader in Fair Maps Texas, a coalition of nonpartisan organizations working to reform the redistricting process in Texas in a fair and open manner. CETex is a participating member of the Fair Maps Texas Action Committee which is a Plaintiff in a lawsuit against the state of Texas for racially biased voting maps.


Fair Maps

Voters should pick their representatives in government, and politicians should have to engage in competitive elections to represent the people. Gerrymandered maps prevent citizens from being able to cast meaningful votes and discourage new people from running for office.

Accountability to the People

The Power of Competitive Elections

Competitive elections hold politicians accountable to their constituents and ensure that citizens hold the power, not special interests and high dollar donors. Instead, politicians have been creating gerrymandered legislative maps for decades, reducing the voice of voters.

How You Can Help