The Countdown Ends on September 29

Combat the Most Extreme Demands of MAGA House Members with a 12-Day Social Toolkit

We are barreling towards a harmful government shutdown perpetrated by radical House Republicans – September 29 is the last date to raise the debt limit and avoid a shutdown.

For 12 days, (Day 1 was September 18)  the House Accountability War Room is shining a light on the 12 most extreme demands the MAGA House Republicans tacked on during the appropriations process.

Today, Day 4, they are highlighting House Republicans’ demand to cut billions in life-saving medical research for children, cancer patients, and maternal health research through NIH and the National Cancer Institute. 

Checkout the 12-day Social Toolkit, created by the House Accountability War Room, also, here is a copy of their Most Extreme MAGA Funding Demands for download.

Liz Wally

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