Local Officeholders are Under Threat

Urgency is growing to protect elections at all levels

A new Brennan Center for Justice report Intimidation of State and Local Officeholders: The Threat to Democracy” details staggering findings from surveys administered in October 2023 regarding the continued trends of threats and abuse directed at state and local election administrators. For example, 43% of state legislators and 18% of local officeholders experienced threats. Over 40% of local officeholders said they were less willing to run for reelection or higher office because of abuse. Read the full report to learn about the extent of the problem and policy solutions.

Writing for the Hill, People for the American Way President Svante Myrick describes “Five executive orders Biden can issue to protect elections before it’s too late.” The op-ed calls on Congress to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and on President Biden to take executive actions outlined in Declaration for American Democracy’s Executive Action report.

Public Citizen is tracking state legislation to protect election officials. So far, 15 states have passed urgently needed reforms to protect election officials since January 2022, usually with bipartisan backing.

Cody Meador

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