Good government proposals on the table in Dallas

Updates on the Dallas Charter Review and ideas for other cities in Texas

The City of Dallas is currently engaged in a review of the city charter, which is the foundational document that outlines the structure, powers, and functions of city government. City charter reviews provide a unique opportunity to propose and advocate for local policies that expand equitable access to voting, elections, and the political process.

Does your city have a charter review or similar process?

We want to collaborate and support efforts across the state. Please reach out and let us know by emailing info@cleanelectionstx.org!

What’s on the table in Dallas?

City residents and members of the City Council or city staff were allowed to submit proposed charter amendments prior to January 19, 2024. Over 100 amendments were submitted and can be found on the Charter Review webpage. The Charter Review Commission is now meeting on a recurring basis to review proposed amendments and make recommendations to City Council.

Clean Elections Texas supports the following proposed amendments.

  • Amendment 2: Implement Ranked Choice Voting instead of a runoff system.
    • Rationale: Ranked Choice Voting promotes healthier competition, fair elections, and more positive campaigns while also saving money by eliminating the need for runoff elections. Read more here.
    • Status: Currently on Commission agenda for March 5, although date may change.
    • How to support: Email the Commission using the template below right away. Sign up to speak on March 5.
  • Amendment 3: Move Election Day to November in odd-numbered years.
    • Rationale: Increase voter turnout for City Council elections; increase voter convenience; save taxpayer dollars. Read more here.
    • Status: On Commission agenda for Tuesday, February 20.
    • How to support: Sign up to speak on February 20 or email the Commission using the template below prior to February 20.
  • Amendments 114 & 115: For Citizen-Led Ballot Initiatives, extend the time a petitioner has to collect signatures from 60 to 120 days; and reduce the number of signatures required from 10% of all registered voters in the city to 5%.
    • Rationale: Increasing time and decreasing the number of signatures required makes the Citizen-Led Ballot Initiative process more accessible to citizens from all backgrounds.
    • Status: Already approved by the Commission. This means these proposals will be sent to the City Council for consideration.
    • How to support: Stay tuned for a City Council meeting date for testimony.

You may use the following template to express support to the Charter Review Commission for these or any other proposed amendments:

Send email to:  charterreview@dallas.gov

Email template:  Dear Charter Review Commission,     My name is [Name]. I live at [Address] (and/or) in council district [#]. I am writing to encourage you to support Amendment [#] to add [policy description] to our city’s charter.

Cody Meador

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