And so it begins...

We are not only living in historic times. We are creating them.

It’s not something we asked for and most of us would prefer to get off center stage. But here we are, most of us just living our lives and some not even aware that we are playing a role in what future generations will see as a pivotal turning point. But history will record and study what we do and the result of our efforts to keep our freedoms.

It’s hard for us who have not experienced the loss of freedom in a dictatorship or autocracy to believe that it could happen here. And yet the Dobbs decision has changed our confidence in our freedoms as it took away a woman’s control over her own body and gave it to the government. It brought the reality of autocracy into many states, including Texas. Now those of child-bearing age and their medical professionals are experiencing this loss of freedom and are at risk for their health, jail time, or loss of career. It can happen here.

We are watching politicians wreak havoc on us simply by inaction in the House. A good portion of the internet and the media in general has hedged their bets or ceded control to their corporate owners as to the eventual winner of the 2024 election. They have abandoned the prime responsibility of the 4th Estate of reporting only the truth in favor of reporting dis- or mis-information without any correction.

Some say many of those who parcel out justice have been bought and paid for by the billionaires whose financial interests these justices will accommodate in their rulings. Respect for the Rule of Law and our U.S. Constitution has been challenged.  

One powerful factor however gives us hope. We, the American people, expect and like democracy and have always fought for our rights. Together we have successfully risen to the occasion when our freedoms have been endangered.

In these times, we will choose to ignore distractions and focus on the goal clearly and help others to understand how they would be affected by this loss of freedoms, who is causing this loss, and the tremendous power of their vote. When we voters are given clear information about the choices we are being asked to make, we regularly vote wisely.

Let’s get to work! We can engage with our community in various ways as our varied skills and time allow. This is the way that “we the people” have won our freedom, gained rights, and corrected wrongs since we were founded.  It was not done by pushing others away because we weren’t in 100% agreement. It was done by listening, communicating, understanding, overcoming barriers — talking with each other with respect. Working together, we have done this before, and we can do it again! Choose the role you can play – none is too small, and work in concert with others to feel the power growing as we move forward to strengthen and improve our democracy.

I feel privileged to be on this path with you.

Liz Wally

Executive Director

Cody Meador

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